Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lightweight portable dual-core books - Amoi T515 Experience

For most laptop users, easy to carry anywhere that they choose the biggest reasons for such products. And with the continuous development of mobile technology, notebook computer performance are continuously upgrading the performance of some high-end models can even have comparable desktop. In early 2006, Intel released a new NAPA platform, will be "dual core" concept into the mobile market, but also make laptops lighter, thinner and faster development of the road took a big step forward.

NAPA platform on the market today is very popular notebook computers, but most are 14 inches or more products in portability does not make all user satisfaction. This is because the dual-core processor has brought more heat, long-term performance of the work likely to cause instability, so the vendors in technology have higher demands. However, Amoi has recently launched a 12-inch laptop NAPA T515, which also means that the problem was finally successfully overcome manufacturers.

Appearance, the Amoi T515 uses aluminum alloy base material and the U.S. curve shaft design, compact body style 12-inch, glossy widescreen LCD also provides a good visual effect. A built-in optical drive because it omitted, so body weight is only 1.6Kg, very convenient to carry.

From the configuration point of view, Amoi T515 uses Intel 945GM motherboard and 65nm manufacturing process, Yonah core, Dual Core T2300 dual-core processor, and with a 512MB of DDR2-533 memory and 60GB of SATA high speed hard drive, for users, This configuration is sufficient to provide a highly efficient mobile computing platform.

The extended function, Amoi T515 offers both sides of the fuselage power connector, USB2.0, IEEE1394, network interface, audio interface, S-VIDEO, VGA interface, card reader and PCMCIA slot, sufficient to meet the common everyday applications and digital devices to expand and the data exchange.

In performance tests, the author used SiSoftware Sandra 2007 and PCMark05 other software Amoi T515 tested. However, as this product does not own drive, and this number to install the operating system and application software has created some inconvenience. Fortunately, from the test results, with a Core Duo T2300 has demonstrated a strong business application performance, the integrated graphics though not yet reached the requirements to run 3D games loudly, but smooth to play some small games or no problem. Another 12.1-inch glossy widescreen LCD display is also very good. The characteristics of its lightweight and portable, it is to the author left a deep impression.

In this competitive era they focus on quality, notebook computers also particularly focus on "In and Out." Addition to a strong performance, but also thin and light portable, mobile unlimited, this is the numerous business and mobile users on laptop PCs. Amoi T515 is the manufacturer of this market demand for the product launch. I believe with the "dual core", "light" and so on, it must be able to win many consumers.

Amoi T515 configuration

Motherboard: Mobile Intel 945GM

CPU: Core Duo T2300, 1.66GHz

Memory: 512MB DDR2-533

Video: Motherboard integrated GMA950

HDD: Fujitsu 60GB SATA 5400rpm

LCD: 12.1 inches, the best resolution of 1280x800

Wireless LAN: 802.11a/b/g

Power system: 4800mAH Lithium battery

Dimensions: 300x222x (26-34.4) mm

Body Weight: 1.6Kg

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