Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BenQ competing against the shining 2008 SEPG Conference

December 3, 2008, in the beautiful Suzhou Industrial Park, the theme of "CMMI goals: Vivid's pursuit of" grand SEPG China 2008 Conference held. From domestic and foreign well-known experts in software process improvement, CMMI model pioneers, business process improvement elite gathered in Suzhou, software process improvement to share new knowledge, new technology and new experience.

This Congress invited the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (SEI) core research team of experts, SEI Mr. Paul Nielsen, director of the General Assembly and delivered a keynote speech in person. Famous corporate executives and leading experts who will also attend this session, with the majority of participants to share the latest achievements and experience of process improvement, tremendous value for the General Assembly.

December 4th, chairman of Miss Zhao Sujuan BenQ chase the deer was a wonderful speech on the theme: From the Case of BenQ Group, IT Innovation and Process Improvement; December 5, BenQ compete in the product manager will be Mr. Wang Hongzhi on the BenQ Guru's CMMI and Spirit: CMMI practice with e-applications and guests to share, so stay tuned.

Miss Zhao Sujuan is the BenQ Group Chief Information Officer (CIO), part-time vice president of BenQ, BenQ BenQ compete in Software Enterprise Service Center and chairman of the board. She since 1993 Ren Mingji the post of CIO Group has the lead in the BenQ Group, the most in 15 years to upgrade key IT strategy. In her outstanding leadership, the BenQ Group completed the customer, development, production, distribution of the whole process of e- and large-scale supply chain management environment, the global IT distribution, strong support for the expansion of BenQ competitiveness.

Miss Zhao is an excellent CIO, IT process improvement experts in the field. She served as CIO during the BenQ Group, by virtue of their experience in the IT industry and the IT development vision, the BenQ several major IT strategic shift decisions are accurately grasp the field of IT technology and the development trend, which won " IT managers in the world, "the best CIO in China selected the title.

Topic: The Case of the BenQ Group, IT Innovation and Process Improvement

Lecture Abstract: Since 1993, under the leadership of the Miss Zhao Sujuan, BenQ Group, after many changes in IT development and innovation, successful across several IT and IT strategy to upgrade the technological revolution, the enterprise e-full front to back to enhance the production, sales, management of all aspects of competitiveness and promoting the growing small to large enterprises to become global brands today. The conference, Ms Zhao will BenQ IT process improvement in the growth and the problems encountered and solutions, and IT services from IT management to share the new mode of guests attending the meeting to discuss globalization and the current economic environment, IT management, innovation and continuous improvement.

SEPG Conference on

SEPG Conference is an international software and systems engineering services outsourcing industry and the annual event, annually held in the U.S. than outside, in Europe, Australia, Latin America and other continents, many countries hold.

SEPG China 2006 Conference and the 2007 General Assembly have successfully held in Suzhou City, for business and individuals to provide a process improvement experience in international exchange and results display platform.

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