Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Era of exploration of the beginning of 1404," talk about my own experience

In advance that I play is easy, do not fight, the pirates are off, and I think this fight are not the focus of the game.

The first point is that the house must be manually upgraded, the residents demands are not met, is less than a few cents tax revenue, the computer automatically upgrade ten thousand noisy are going up, the population explosion, demand satisfied, the fiscal deficit will come soon , and as long as you have materials to meet the conditions, the computer will help you rise, sometimes material shortage, want to build a building when a very nasty

One person ask for much, satiate, can, and can be mass produced, and does not spend money on two wood, start making a few more cut wood, made a fierce farmers, let them eat , tax revenue to maintain fiscal balance point, two people are the main sources of income, at least in the early stage is the case, they need little more than more than one tax lot.

At the beginning of multi-Qiang Depan, grab a wooden island as long as 2 2 tool, it seems, sent a boat out onto 20 wooden tools to grab like 20, and key resources to grab, such as silk dye on a island (made carpet), herbs in an island of wheat (made beer), a piece of clay with quartz in the island (making mosaics), these are important strategic resources, first to occupy, and so have free wood tools to build more warehouses to occupy the beach all, the enemy can not come up with you Qiangde Pan.

Not upgrade the house when the tax transferred to happy, to be more than the default of a lot of money, time to upgrade to a level, like the first one were transferred to green taxes, and then all rise up, rise to your consumables can withstand the current number of people put a tax transferred to happy, then two were transferred to the green tax rate, so that they are fully occupied, and then transferred back to happy, not with a few levels up, a few level with the green tax rate, you certainly can not bear the financial early.

Rose to a noble end, he will gradually out of the new requirements, once the new requirements, do not up again, because the new requirements to meet before he would never be happy, even if you upgrade the house, nor some people stay, it took three people when the tax rate transferred happy, then something needs to build noble, and so have enough consumables, re-opened to upgrade.

Upgrade time to ensure that sufficient materials, wood, tools, stone, glass, etc., if not, save enough of the up again, while other materials while upgrading both the waste of time and revenue.

Trade, the principle is not to sell raw materials, only sell the final product, compared to the money that started the construction of the main island to be careful when the house layout, production facilities that can be put on lightly, because to the back of these production facilities are to be removed to the house where Teng, and eventually produce the outer islands, in addition to fish, because fish do not grab land with a house, building site would Jingui the outer islands, so try to manually work the land, the provincial areas. Finished products shipped back to the main island of the ship, go neutral island stroll, the excess of goods sold, so ruthless to the money, do not waste productivity. Also earn honor.

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