Saturday, September 25, 2010

L'Oreal portrait of "Edgar" Human resources together to create

May, in the L'Oreal China factory ----- International Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Suzhou Shang Meiguo office building, an official with the Edgar L'Oreal Software (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, both from the date of announcement, Suzhou is still the United States Edgar International Cosmetics Co., Ltd. will work together to jointly create a corporate human resource planning system.

As one of Fortune 500 ----- L'Oreal is the world's largest cosmetics group, L'Oreal Group, the cause of more than 150 countries and regions in the world has 283 branches and more than 100 agents , with annual sales of up to 14.3 billion euros in 2002, 18 consecutive annual profit growth of more than 10%. In addition, the L'Oreal Group, the world still has 50,491 employees, 42 factories and more than 500 quality brands.

L'Oreal China in nearly a century of history, the spare no effort to meet the peoples of the world's pursuit of the United States to fight; also shoulder the lofty mission of L'Oreal in 1997, officially came to China. Hands of the clock point to 2003, L'Oreal China, the company six years old. In just six years of joint pains, has built a community of more than 3,000 L'Oreal China, and to expand business in China more than 500 cities across the country, to our world-renowned brand L'Oreal Paris , Maybelline, Garnier, Lancome, Helena Rubinstein, Biotherm, Vichy, Kerastase, L'Oreal professional hair and skin spring rationale for the Chinese people know and love.

L'Oreal has been very focused on building human resources. Know very well, all kinds of talent is the driving force behind business development and growth. L'Oreal respect for talent, attention to vocational training, from recruit all aspects of corporate culture and staff strive to individual strengths combine to provide staff with international professional development. L'Oreal to encourage the integration of different cultural backgrounds, expectations of employees around the world is intelligent and inspiration to promote the individual's career and business development process of globalization.

Before the re-selection system in the Suzhou plant has been plagued by the old HR system, because as the business has grown and improved, many system functions such as recruitment, payroll, attendance, scheduling, training, organizational effectiveness ... ... . can not meet the needs of enterprises, so the Suzhou plant to the new system requirements are very stringent, requiring system stability, operation, management, strategy, and the future development of enterprises can meet the rapid growth, after long more than a year of continued study to assess the ultimate strength of powerful companies from the six selected as the final service software vendor Edgar.

Edgar L'Oreal to be proud of the trust, Edgar software will be maintained throughout the project were consistent high quality of Edgar style, within the time specified quality and quantity of project success on the line, raising Olle Ya overall competitiveness!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

HP, the "total"

HP in the February 21 agreement with Nanchang University, Nanchang University, College of Art and co-construction of digital art lab, through the appropriate hardware and software donations to get into the lab build eligibility.

Despite the cost and number, and they ought to buy 123 units of Nanchang University, Hewlett-Packard graphics workstation wind, so that such cooperation is still somewhat positive.

This is not the first, the nature nor the last together. HP has a considerable number of educational cooperation program, only in the graphics workstation, early in December last year on a joint French Dassault Systemes and build a PLM Center of Tsinghua University, Hewlett-Packard in promoting the development of this industry can be seen carefully. In addition, HP also selectively cooperate with some universities, multi-level cooperation projects, has been consciously distinguish, in art, industrial design aspects of the practices and strategies accordingly.

According to estimates in the Mainland as a whole animation industry will reach 70 billion U.S. dollars in size, but the relative lack of talent, and promote the industry not only help provide the basic tools such as HP's business. From education to proceed, is very far-sighted things. This is HP's long-term education program to be a part of. Select the one hand, Nanchang University, the University considered the influence of central China, taking into account their construction and the Art Institute's long-term objectives. Also, Nanchang University in hardware and software in line with the requirements of HP, HP hope that through this place of spark, so the graphics workstation industry constitute Negative effect and Precaution.

This is the HP of the "total" Small is Big, light-weight balance. HP is also the co-operation with the University of Nanchang pull to the professional video systems provider Sobey company, for motion video of the post-synthesis and processing, which is a good win-win approach.

Knows to be "total", into the vat are obviously a lot. Nanchang University, as this period into the urn who really are some good early treatment, but later re-purchase and upgrade and maintenance costs are not unusual. HP not only provides a large number of workstations, also provides facilities for managing the network, a minicomputer nc8000 is the product of this project contributions.

No matter how, for, as the schools may Nanchang University, the opportunity to more than pay, HP's practice is bound to help the industry raise the level education and training of, look, Zhide "Zhong dollars".

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